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Top Tips for Scale Ups – Review of 3000 SaaS Companies

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Nathan Latka Headlines 3000 + SaaS CEO and Investor Conference SaaStock

This 21 minute video is pure magic if you want to grow and scale your business. Nathan Latka has had over 1 million views on YouTube and is the Founder and CEO of Heyo. After selling $70k worth of Facebook campaigns from his dorm room, he dropped out of college and has since raised over $2.5m from a Forbes Billionaire while supporting over 250,000 small business owners as they look to capture emails and drive sales from Facebook.

Nathan is a frequent contributor on Inside Facebook, All Facebook, and Social Media Today. His content is taught in the best-selling book, Facebook Marketing for Dummies. He is an expert in Facebook marketing, social analytics and social selling. Nathan doesn’t care about big business and is focused on supporting 500,000 small business owners and entrepreneurs

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