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How A One Person Consultancy Is Generating A Potential

10 X Return On Investment

One Decision Changed EVERYTHING And Sparked A Complete Shift In Mindset…

Stuart Maister recently joined Business Growth Bureau. He started the year thinking that his business was only ever going to be himself, only going to be a one person company. He works with clients to identify and deliver their message to market in a way that represents the company’s WHY… Something Stuart prides himself in.

But, he was stretching himself too thin, his lead generation efforts were sporadic, spasmodic and random with no consistent way of measuring his results from the amount of effort he put in.

Something a lot of our potential clients go through when in business alone…

Although he was extremely cautious of how and where to spend his money, he knew fundamentally he had to make a change. The change started for Stuart with his mindset.

He started the year thinking that he was going to stay a 1 man consultancy and keep everything to himself. Stuart decided to come on-board as client and hasn’t looked back since. Due to his success he is now considering growing his company and employing staff again…

6 months in and Stuart has shifted his mindset and now appreciates the importance of WHY an optimised lead generation, prospect nurturing and sales optimisation system is fundamental to his business success.

Listen to what the Stuart has to say about his business, how this impacted him and how this learning could help you…

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