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You will learn how to turn 100 people in your chosen Target Market into 8 to 13 Sales Based Opportunities!

Find Potential Clients Using LinkedIn – Video and Downloadable Book Below

Find potential Clients using LinkedIn – with Social Selling Techniques to get more Sales! Many people running businesses do not appreciate the opportunity that exists in finding potential clients using the worlds biggest business social network LinkedIn (acquired by Microsoft). This programme will help you to identify your ideal type of clients and explain how to engage with those prospects so that they are asking to have sales based conversations with you. All you have to do then is close the business!

On this edition of Business Connections Live Steve Hyland talks to Rupert Honywood – Founder of Growth Bureau. Rupert shares his knowledge of using LinkedIn for Lead Generation and Prospect Nurturing to generate more sales:

Getting the best out of LinkedIn
Understanding your market and your ideal type of clients
Looking at Segmentation and understanding how to target your ideal type of Clients
Search and List Building Techniques
Understanding Social Selling and the Prospect Nurturing Process
The Devil’s in the Follow Up

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Learn the business fundamentals on how your business can achieve:
  • How to use Linkedin Advanced Search to find potential Clients
  • Learn how to find your ideal type of customers
  • Understanding the Prospect Engagement Process
  • How to get that Meeting or Appointment
  • Closing that Sale!

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