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Meet the Founder

Hello I am Rupert Honywood – the founder of Business Growth Bureau – many thanks for your interest in learning more about our organisation, our members and partners…

I believe in a world where every business owner, director or leader has the opportunity to reach their highest vision of success both at a personal level and also through Biz-Growth.

I was most inspired when I founded another organisation a few years ago which aimed to give service men and women the tools they needed to start their own business. And it was when a CEO of another charity came to me, with the help I had given him and his management team suggested that I form another organisation helping other businesses and charities to grow and scale.

As a consequence the Business Growth Bureau was formed. As you can imagine this grew rapidly into what you see today and we have helped many organisations to become successful as a consequence – this included providing marketing advice around the Social Selling Blueprint and helping companies to increase sales

I love to create virtual circles where every party (from customers to prospects, investors, staff, advocates and suppliers) win out of the relationship with the Bureau and many examples of this you will start to come through now…

A key part of our service includes mentoring and by partnering you up with other CEO’s and Leaders through regular meetings who then become “your advisory board”. We through our partners and our members want to be your strategic partners in Biz-Growth. We actively encourage a collaborative and referral mindset. We also want you to be a major beneficiary in our success hence the chance to benefit from the free issue of Biz-Growth bonds!

Fundamentally we all benefit from the leverage effect that these services create – when we can build a strong organisation where we are all here to help each other and achieve strong sustainable growth. I believe that if we can help people and organisations, then we all benefit and what you tend to give does generally does tend to come back.

This also sets strong foundations for joint venture relationships and partnerships. I want to see us having a massive impact on your business to generate more sales or charities to achieve more donations and sponsorship.

My personal goal is to influence at least 1,000 companies and organisations a year to become much more successful and I would love you to be part of that journey with us. Do get in touch and let me know how we can help…

With very best wishes


Founder and CEO
Business Growth Bureau

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